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DGR Antwerp 2024 and why riding motorcycles saves lives

On the 19th of May dapper riders from all over the world came together to raise awareness on men's health issues. We wanted to support the cause by sponsoring the local ride in Antwerp and provide a fun checkpoint where riders (and non-riders) could enjoy an excellent slow coffee by our partner Coffee Crusader and browse a small selection of our motowear and clothing. Read more on how the day went on and our philosophy behind riding motorcycles.


The Distinguished Gentleman's ride

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride unites classic and vintage styled motorcycle riders from all over the world to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. Source: 

Since the start of the DGR 121 countries joined in and raised over 45 million dollars. Organizing these rides in multiple cities around the world is a huge undertaking. Because of the mutual passion and dedication between riders the impossible is made possible. Thousands of volunteers work for months to provide fun activities, entertainment and amazing rides. We stand with all our heart behind this cause and even though the shop was only open for a week, we wanted to support the local ride and spread the word.


Antwerp local ride

We banded together with our partner in caffeine Coffee Crusader to provide a small but cozy checkpoint where riders could take a break, enjoy an excellent cup of coffee and hang out. We brought our shiniest and coolest helmets and clothing to spark conversation and draw attention from non-riders. Next to that we wanted to raise awareness that riding motorcycles in style (and safely!) is also accessible to women. 

What an amazing day it was! The weather started out a little grim but right before the riders set off the sun came through. With a loud and low rumble and their classic bikes shimmering in the sun the riders set off to take over Antwerp. Classic bikes, neo-retro bikes and custom bikes rolled up on the square. People passing by were immediately intrigued by this sight, joined for a cup of coffee and wanted to learn more on why we were here. 

By the end of the day we came together as one, spread the message of the cause and had an amazing time together. Many people won't forget this day and that's exactly why the DGR exists.


How riding motorcycles can save lives

In a world and time where people are facing the good, bad and the ugly every single day through television, radio and social media it becomes harder and harder to escape the constant stream of information. In the past 20 years the world became smaller and smaller with the rise of the internet. While many good things came of it, depression and suicide figures have never been higher. 

Riding a motorcycle forces you to look at the world in a simpler way. You are focused on the relationship between yourself, the road and the bike. You feel it through your body, adapting and learning with every corner. Looking over the horizon and anticipating whatever lies ahead. For a moment there is nothing but the ride in your head. It's therapeutic and addictive. A healthy addiction.

This therapy can help steer your life in a better direction. But not only in the ride itself you can find your freedom. This passion (literally) fuels a worldwide community where anyone can be at home in regardless of heritage, colour, beliefs or gender. You don't have to take our word for it, ask any rider and they will tell you the same story.

Ride safe and enjoy the ride.


DGR Antwerp Motoccino Checkpoint
Vintage Moto Guzzi Falcone
Coffeer Crusader Slow Coffee Stand
Vintage Norton Commando
Black and White shot of vintage bike with side car
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